By participating in staking, users can maximize their earning potential and actively contribute to the growth and liquidity of the $AMBR ecosystem.

Staking V1

For the initial release of staking, the $AMBR token can be staked for USDC rewards based on an interest rate that is updated on a weekly basis.

Users deposit AMBR tokens and accumulate USDC rewards based on their staked amount and the weekly interest rate. The interest rate is updated weekly based on platform fees, with accrued interest from the previous rate calculated and stored whenever an interest rate update occurs.

Users have the flexibility to withdraw their tokens at any time, with pending rewards automatically claimed during stake or withdrawal actions. Alternatively, rewards can also be manually claimed if desired.

Staking V2 (Coming Soon)

Staking on the platform offers users the opportunity to stake their $AMBR tokens and earn rewards in the form of escrowed ambrosia ($esAMBR) tokens, as well as platform fees distributed in ETH. The $esAMBR tokens can be vested, allowing users to convert them back into $AMBR at a later time. The vested $esAMBR will be converted to $AMBR every second, will fully vest after one year and are claimable at any time.

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