Advanced Movement

Dodging blocking and counters


The player can press the dodge button and a direction to jump in a directiona nd try to avoid their opponents blows.

A successfully completed dodge move provides a measure of defense against attacks that woudl otherwise cause them damage.


The player can press the block button to absorb a blow with either their weapon (a parry) or their shield (if they have one).

Blocking drains endurance while the block button is being pressed, and endurance can be regained while it is not. Careful management of a players endurance can allow them to block multiple blows and not take damage.

Blocking does damage the weapon that is being used. Over time it will become less effective and eventually break.

Counter Moves

These are performed by pressing the block and attack button at the same time while the enemy target is performing an attack. They will cause the opponent to become open to a follow up attack.

Timing is important to successfully land a counter move and unbalance your# opponent.

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