Environmental Hazards

Just driving around in a circle and attacking the opponent might get boring. Why not throw in environmental hazards? Environmental hazards throw in some randomness to the battles and give the players more to watch out for.

These hazards will do damage, slow down the chariot, or even visual obstruction. Some examples of hazards include:

  • Wooden spike strip

  • Shooting flame

  • Puddles of water

  • Smoke

Wooden Spikes --> Laid out at random by AI to trip up and make the track harder to traverse. Shooting Flames --> Tubes pointing out from the inside of the arena will cut on and off randomly to burn players throughout the race.

Smoke Screen --> A cloud of smoke will randomly overtake a small portion of the arena to temporarily blind the racers, caused by stadium go-ers burning straw in the crowd.

Triggered Traps --> Landscape triggered traps (Pillars, released tigers, pitfalls)-- (not MVP planned)

Gods Intervention Hazards:

Zeus Lighting --> The god of lightning charges a bolt of high voltage lightning at the player in the first place at random. (MVP Planned)

Ares Sword --> Targets the player with the most kills as they may be a challenge to the god of war.

Medusa Stone Eyes --> Opens her eyes randomly and the players who are on her side of the track when she glares are turned to stone temporarily.

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