Armor and Equipment

Armor Slots

Halls of Olympia displays each Gladiator with armor slots which provide protection from attacks but also affects movement and attack speeds, depending on the weight and type of armor used.

Buy, craft or receive gifted pieces of armor and equip them into the correct slots.

Armor Locations

The gladiators body locations are split into the following areas.

  • Head

  • Body

  • Left Arm

  • Right Arm

  • Left Leg

  • Right Leg


A wide variety of equipment will be made available for the Gladiators allowing them to gather and use different weapons of the time.

These weapons all have benefits and drawbacks built into them which can be used to compliment fighting styles or your gladiators strengths and weaknesses.

From spears that provide greater attacking distance to giant clubs that provide massive crushing damage.

Weapon Types

  • One handed or Two Handed

  • Damage Type

    • Piercing

    • Slash

    • Crush

  • Weapon Range

  • Weapon Speed

God Powers

Weapons and Armor can have special effects added to them through imbuing the item with a gift from the gods and visiting the Smithy to get it combined.

Each god can provide a different effect which can greatly enhance an items abilities.

From water blasts gifted from Poseidon to lightning covered blades from Zeus. Even armor can have greater protective powers added to them to elevate your Gladiators looks and prowess.

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