To make a grand experience a tournament will be held twice a month. In an effort to make this the best game in the crypto space, the thought is to implement the tournaments in all game modes, betting, and social combat. For all game modes, we see this working as a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ranking payout system where spectators would bet on the gladiators and/or chariot racers. The payout would be based on player turnout and the amount collected. Not only would players earn money from these tournaments they can earn NFTs (Weapons, armors, Mounts, etc).

Paying in stables or ETH allows for a large winning pot to be amassed, fees for the protocol to be collected, and player engagement. Once the tournament commences, every player in the game would be invited to spectate in the event as an attempt to get and keep all the players immersed in the game and grand spectacles. While growing the player base, the tournaments will also be a great way to accrue fees for the Halls of Olympia treasury.

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