Mounts and Stats


The design of the crypto economy is always a tricky balance to strike. Due to the nature of most crypto projects, it makes it really hard for non-crypto players to engage in crypto games. These staked NFTs will not be able to be used by the original owner but can be used by any player that rents it for free.

You might be asking yourself what is the point in letting someone else use my paid-for NFT for free? The fact is the players that are using your NFT are building up and leveling the stats of your NFT for you all the while also earning you $AMBR. Once your NFT is high enough you can sell it to someone for more profit than a casual player who may not own an NFT. It turns casual free-to-play players into your own personal botnet.

The next question you might be asking yourself is what is the point in purchasing an NFT if I can just rent them?

The point will be that you won’t own the NFT so you will be stuck with what is available for rent. You might get a good one or you might be stuck with a not-so-great mount that day. It will depend on what is available in the market. You will also lose out on the investment opportunity of owning your own NFT.

This brings us to this section's topic: Mount renting and breeding.

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