The Servant

Our helpful servant who fetches and carries information for the player's Noble.

Call for Servant

While in the Acropolis of Olympus (the Social Hub), the player (as the noble) can "summon" a servant by pressing the <Tab> button.

This rings a little bell that summons the servant to his master.

Spawning the Servant

The servant is spawned directly behind the player's noble (So it is out of sight when the character model appears).

The servant then runs from the side of the and appears to run up to the Noble character, carrying a large leather ledger book. Slightly out of breath, the nameless servant says "Yes, sir, how can i help?" He opens the ledger and the pages fill the screen.

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The servant can only be seen by the person who summons him and does not have collision with anyone, so he can easily walk through other nobles to reach the player.

Dismissing the Servant

When the player dismisses the servant (he closes the book), the servant runs off in a direction and behind a building or out of sight. Fading over time as he gets further away.

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