Damage System

Damage is broken up into three different components within chariot racing. Depending on the location of the attack, you can take damage on your chariot, mount, or gladiator.

As you're driving your chariot, running into objects, or being hit by an opponent's attacks, your chariot will take damage. When the chariot runs out of health, it will break into pieces, and your chariot will respond with a slight delay costing you precious time. Damage from running into objects will vary based on the velocity of the chariot. If the chariot hits an object while moving quickly, more damage will be applied than if it was moving slowly.

Attacks and skills can also apply damage to the mounts or gladiators. When either the mount or gladiator's health falls to zero, they will ragdoll, and after a few seconds, the chariot will be reset to the center of the closest point on the track.

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