๐Ÿ’ฐBetting and Spectating

The betting system will be set up and paid in ETH, stables like USDC, or if both parties agree by indicating as such, a DeFi yield-bearing asset (YBA) such as jEth, GMX, veDPX, etc.

Once the player has the new in-game currency purchased, they can buy an "Entry Ticket" to an event. Our first offering will be the deterministic gladiatorial arena.

Once a ticket has been purchased a fighter will be sent to the arena to duel to the death in 1 on 1 combat.

Your entry stake is held in an ESCROW and depending on the outcome of the fight a reward will be given.

If your fighter wins a larger reward will be provided. If your fighter loses you will receive a participation award (limited to once per day), both rewards are given from our liquidity pool. You can view the fight from multiple angles, seeing every blow and parry as the gladiators vie to be the winner. Once a gladiator has been defeated the funds are sent to the winner's wallet immediately.

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