The New Noble - Creating an Avatar

An overview of the player and their account

A New Player

When first joining the Halls of Olympia a player will create their alter ego or avatar. Each player is embodied as a Greek Noble who can own a stable of horses and Gladiators.

We envisage that creating one over-arching controlling character (the noble) with access to multiple gladiators, racers and horses is easier for the player to identify with. It places the noble at the top of the hierarchy, as a house lord and all of the people he employs are the contestants in the games.

Creating your Avatar

When a new player signs up to Halls of Olympia they will be able to create their own character from a starter set of characters.

They can choose, face, hair and clothing styles form pre-set choices and provide a name which they will be know as within the world of Olympia.

The House Banner

When a new noble has been created the next step will be to define the house that they own. Each house should have their own crest and colors to identify anyone who fights for them.

Proudly display your banners in the gladiatorial pits or on flags from your# chariot in the colosseum. Let your victories shine like beacons of lights on your house, and let everyone know your name. You are <Insert Noble Name> of House <House Name> and the world will know your deeds.

Starting Resources

A new player with a free account will be gifted a starting gladiator and chariot set (including 4 horses and a rider) for them to experience the thrills of the games.

Through careful mastery they can start wage of outcomes of races or fights to build wealth or enter their fighters into the lowest ranked tournaments as they start to build renown for their house and get invited into more prestigious events.

Meeting and Greeting the Locals

Many deals are struck and fortunes made at the Acropolis of Olympus. A noble can wander the markets looking for bargains or talk to other lords of houses in this area. Visit the Circus Maximus and place a bet on the outcome of the next Chariot race or for those of a more blood thirsty nature, visit the colosseum.

Place bets, offer challenges, strike deals or rent contestants to fight under your# banner. The world is yours to conquer.

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