Simulation Strategy

How can the player indirectly affect how battle simulations unfold

Manage Your Gladiator

Play to your Gladiator's strengths or recognize the weakness in your opponent and tailor your game plan to maximize the chances of a potential win.

Before a simulated fight you have the chance to set how the Gladiator fights through a simple slider interface.

Defensive <--> Aggressive

Short Fight <--> Long Fight

Evasive <--> Brawler

These simple commands adjust things like the attack frequency, trying to overwhelm your opponent with a flurry of blows, or play more defensively and look for openings.

As endurance is also a factor in combat, Gladiators can try to use as much space in the fighting arena either to keep their distance with long weapons or as a strategy to tire their opponent.

We think this intuitive, fun system will increase the depth and potential tactical gameplay for our simulated arena fights.

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