Horse Breeding

How to breed horses and how horses inherit their statistics


An important part of Halls of Olympia will be about getting the most from your mounts. If you want to become famous and be a renowned Chariot Racer, then breeding strong mounts will maximize your winning potential. In order to breed, you will need two of any mount. The result from the breeding will be some combination of the two mounts' characteristics and some genetic inheritance.

How to Breed

A player would head to the stables NPC to speak with the NPC in order to begin breeding. Once the tab is chosen to breed, a transaction fee would be collected and sent to the HOO treasury. Once the fee is paid and the mounts (NFTs) are chosen to be bred, the stats base on each mount would then be taken into account from the genetic algorithm on which mount would come out and what stats would be associated with said mount. The outcome of every breeding would be based on which stats are attributed to the main bred mounts.

Inheriting Stats

Horses as well as other creatures can be bred, requiring a male and a female to be selected into the program. The size, weight, strength, endurance, and other vital statistics are then taken from the mother and father.

A genetic inheritance modifier is then added to each of these stats to create the base characteristics of the newborn animal. The sex is determined on a 50/50 percentage randomized roll when the newborn arrives.

Choosing race-winning mounts with a proven pedigree is one of the ways to guarantee a powerful offspring will be born. In special cases, the player may also use a "boon of the gods" to infuse a mount with godly powers.

Inheriting Colors

The newborn inherits the coat and skin colors of its parents using a substance texture algorithm to determine how the newborn looks.

With the influence of gods also playing a part in some legendary animals it is possible to get a mixture of effects also added to the coats.

An example would be a Horse infused with Zeus' power crackling with lighting energy. Creating a striking mount everyone will envy!

Armor and Mount Equipment

Each mount type will be created from a copy of its parent and then altered via our genetic algorithm to reflect its physical traits. This means that mounts will exhibit a range of body types, from a large powerful horse to a smaller more agile horse.

Equipment such as armor or barding automatically adjusts in size to fit your mount perfectly.

Auctioning your Mount for Breeding

Players will also be allowed to auction their mounts out for breeding. Say you have a mount with good stats but you don’t have another to breed with. You can visit the marketplace and find other owners' mounts to breed with. You will need to place your own in the marketplace and specify a breed price if you want others to be able to breed with your mount. The U/I will provide all the steps necessary to breed with other NFTs.

Please note that in order for a mount to be able to breed it must reach at least level 20. This will help to reduce the number of mounts added to the market supply without people grinding them.

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