Gladiator Stats

Gladiator Statistics

Every Gladiator (both starting and newly minted versions) will always have the following statistics generated for them. These statistics determine a characters speed, damage, movement and drive the arena combat gameplay mechanics.

Each Statistic ranges from 1 - 100

Statistics Ratings

As a loose rating or power level we can classify the statistics into general groups. This rating system can also be used to communicate to other spectators when being matched against an opponent. Instead of seeing their exact stats they can only view the power ratings of their opponents stats.

1-15 -- Feeble 16-30 -- Weak 31-45 -- Average 46-60 -- Strong 61-75 -- Powerful 76-90 -- Legendary 91-100 -- Godlike

Visible Statistics


Affects the basic weapon damage. The greater a gladiators strength the more potential damage they create with a landed blow.


Determines the recovery time after a heavy attack and gladiators with higher agility scores will recover more quickly than gladiators with low agility scores.


A measure of the gladiators ability to take damage, this statistic affects a gladiators maximum health at the start of combat.


A measure of the gladiators movement speed, from running to walking.

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