Combat Overview

The design rules to create the Gladiator combat for Halls of Olympia


The Gladiator combat for Hallf of Olympia will be a fast paced combination of strength and agility to out manouvre your opponent and deal critical blows.

There will be two main modes for our combat...

  • Player v's Player

  • Player v AI

Player v's Player Combat

Here the player takes active control of their Gladiator and places them in the fighting arena against another human opponent. Gladiators are matched through the match-making system and pitted against a person of similar ability and standing.

Player v's AI Combat

This mode sees the player enter their Gladiator into the fighting arena versus an AI opponent who is matched against them with similar strength and agility to provide a challenging fight. The player can elect to fight an AI opponent at any time and they will be instantly matched against a suitable named opponent.


Each win, loss, or draw will earn the player reputation and standing amongst the crowds. Reputation is a measure of the Gladiator's fame and standing amongst the crowds of Olympus.

reputation can go down as well as up as an ever-evolving guide of your prowess.

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