Game Modes

The rules and regulations around the different tournament types that gladiators can enter.

Simulated Fight - Launching Soon!

Enter your Gladiator into the Fighting Arena where they will be matched against another opponent in a completely simulated 1v1 fight.

Our computational models take each Gladiator's combat statistics, such as weapon prowess, and mental fortitude to simulate in real-time a fight to victory or defeat.

Each player can also tailor their Gladiator's fighting style by ordering them to be more or less aggressive, concentrating on defense, or trying to evade and wear an opponent's endurance down before going for lethal strikes.

Train your Gladiator to be at peak physical capabilities and determine their personal strengths and weaknesses to create their own fight plan to maximize their chances of victory.

Player v's Player

Providing an active gameplay mode where you, the player can control your Gladiator and fight against another active player. Our fully interactive combat system uses the same gameplay backbones from the simulator to take your Gladiator's statistics to influence the attack speed and damage components.

Enter the most visceral 1 to 1 melee combat and show your skills against the best of the best.

Player v's AI

Introducing our very own heroes of the Arena, this gameplay mode gives you the chance to test your skill against some of the best Gladiators the Gods have ever known.

Control your Gladiator and work your way up through ever increasingly difficult opponents and gain renown for each victory you amass.

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