Renters and owners Perspective


The player would head to the stables and speak with the NPC and a menu would pop up. An option to enter the staking marketplace will appear. The player will then choose from a selection of mounts to rent. Once a mount is chosen the player will then either pay the fee associated with renting the mount or the mount fee will be free.


The player would do the same as a renter; they would go to the stables and interact with the stables NPC. Once the player does this they would get a similar menu to the renter but would simply choose the option to stake for rent or betting. For betting stakers, they would choose the option to enter their mount into a racing queue. Once in the queue, the player would then choose how many races they would like to partake in. The player should beware though that in order to keep down mount breeding inflation rate. Each mount will come with a predetermined life expectancy or (energy) that will slowly deteriorate over time. This will happen through breeding and betting on racing.

Actions from stables NPC:

  • Stake for renting

  • Renting market

  • Breeding

  • Buy/sell market

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